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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  December 31, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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>> good morning, it is 5:00 a.m., thursday, december 31, new year's eve we're working on several stories. >> a family is terrorized during the home invasion, the man who helped carry out the crime ends up sending himself to the hospital. >> a cultural icon and favorite local son has experienced a below. >> we have much-needed sunshine. happy new year's to the people on the isle of are
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the first people to celebrate new year's. >> reporter: let's look at the current visibility reports. we had fog, ten miles at philadelphia international. 7 in trenton him up to 6 in allentown. a jump from what it was a little bit ago. 2.5 in reading, 3 miles in lancaster. we had issues with fog, we are seeing it dissipate. we have a drier wind that will push its way in. satellite and radar showing lots of cloud cover, the rain is out of here, but the cloud cover you see to the west that's high, thin clouds, we'll see the sunshine filter through. we start with clouds and end with sunshine today. 49 degrees the temperature dips a little bit in philadelphia. 45 in allentown. 51 degrees currently in millville and sea isle city. 50 for the high this afternoon. temperatures are staying about the same. we'll dip a couple of degrees and jump up a little bit this afternoon. clouds and sunshine, a light
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breeze it should feel nice this afternoon. we have a different seven day for you, matt, we have freezing temperatures, even. >> reporter: i like the champagne idea. you're a thinker, karen rogers. good morning to you, happy new year's eve. we're live along the vine street expressway, where drivers are happy because as i promised the vine is open between the schuylkill expressway and broad street. a little bit damp, but no construction. 2016 we saw the bridge construction project it will not end knoll 2019. no problems on the schuylkill expressway or the boulevard or i-95. there's a crash on the boards so far in limerick along linfield trap road by the wawa west of 422. we expect a burlington bristol bridge opening in 20 minutes. the opening is for a northbound
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ship. extra service on the regional rails and subways late tonight to help you get home from the festivities an patco and njt are on holiday schedules this thursday morning. >> new this morning, one suspect is in custody accused of a robbing a woman inside her north philadelphia home. two masked men got into the home through an unlocked door. they confronterred a 37-year-old woman -- confronted a 37-year-old woman inside and demanded money. two children started crying. >> one of the robbers said can you shut your children up and pulled his gun and fired a shot. >> one robber shot himself in the leg both ran off $40 in cash. the police were notified of a 24-year-old mantua gunshot wound to the leg was at a local
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hospital. police brought the woman to the hospital where she identified the robber. police are looking for the second man. the woman and children were unhurt. >> yesterday, bill cosby pushed his away through a throng of reporters facing sexual assault. >> the first time cosby has been criminally charged for the mounting claims. 50 women accused him of sexually assaulting or drugging him. cosby has denied the claims. a partially blind could cosby ad in elkins park to face charges he sexually assaulted a former temple university employee back in 2004. "action news" spoke to see attorney and she declared his innocence. >> it is sad for his legal team and is family that he would be dragged through this, that this will be a political manuver,
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this is part of a campaign promise as opposed to something that is justice. >> kevin steel said cosby admitted to giving her over-the-counter benadryl, but maintained the encounter was consensual. the coverage. case continues on take a look at our history of reporting on the sexual assault allegations. plus, we will add any new developments. >> new thoorng, -- this mornin, police are looking for a gunman in a road rage incident on perkiomen avenue. a man got out and fired a gun. the bullet hit the pick up truck. the driver was not hurt. the shooter took off in a newer model silver neon seven
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with a north carolina license plate. catastrophic flooding in the midwest is pushing rivers above their banks. this is video of a floodwaters sweeping away a house that crashes into a bridge in missouri. 14 people have been killed in severe flooding, most of the deaths are from people making the dangerous decision to attempt to drive through fast-moving floodwaters. tonight people say goodbye to 252015 and hello to 2016. up to 1 million people are expected to be in time square tonight. security will be tight, 6,000nypd officers more than ever before. "action news" reporter, katherine scott is at penns landing with more on what's happening here, good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. yeah, lots going on, as unusual for the holiday from fireworks to fancy 2016 is being welcomed
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in with plenty of philly flare. the big day is almost here, new year's day, before the mummers hit broad street. they want to make sure every detail is as it should be. they held their annual public rehearsal last night at the pennsylvania convention center. this year's spectators can expect old favorites and new additions as the mummers march down broad street. yesterday the review stand went up this will be the judge's view when the fancy brigade strut by 15th and jfk. before you watch the parade tomorrow, don't forget about the fireworks tonight, two spectacular shows over the delaware they use more than 4,000 devices. the alarmest -- largest shells are ten inches. each show has a different sound track and enjoyed by folks on both sides of the river. two shows tonight.
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one at 6:00 p.m., one at midnight. it's quiet here right now, that will change in a matter of hours. live in penns landing, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> if you're heading to the early fireworks show you can make it home in time for dick clark's new year's rockin' eve. you can see it right here on 6abc starting at 8:00 p.m. >> i got some intel from mother nature. >> reporter: she talks to you. >> she does. new year's resolution is to make it feel like winter. you know what, you're right! you're right! that's what's going to happen, mother nature will do it to you. storm tracker 6 live double scan looking around the region. we are dry and starting a real dry stretch after quite a dreary ten day period. let's go outside and see what it looks like right now, sky6 live hd looks live, lots of clouds, the temperature university camera looking down broad street.
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we can see cloud cover up above. let's check the current countries -- conditions for you. it's been a historic month. 13 days above average. in 1923, 7 degrees above. 1931, 6.7 and 20016 degrees above average. satellite and radar showing the rain has moved out of here we're left with clouds, looks like we have clouds in the northeast. can you see the difference between the bright white and the milky gray, the milky gray that's high, thin clouds, we'll see sunshine filtering through. it will be brighter this afternoon than it has been. 50 degrees mostly cloudy skies, 2:00 p.m., partly sunny skies, 50 degrees, feeling pretty nice. temperatures above average, it's dry, we get sunshine back.
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5:00 p.m., 47. the high today 50 degrees which is above average and happy new year's eve everybody as you ring it in later on tonight. partly cloudy skies. windchills in the mid 30s. how about the mummers parade, we've got good weather for you. it's seasonable, though, by 9:00 a.m., 38 degrees, 1:00 p.m., 44. 5:00 p.m., 42, bright, breezy, but windchills in the 30s for the mummers parade. let's take a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, i'm giving them their whole day. clouds to sunshine, new year's eve. 50 degrees for the high. tomorrow partly sunny, new year's day. 46 degrees for the high. above average, seasonable chilly on saturday, sunshine, 43. sunday, mostly sunny, 43. monday brisk and colder, 37 degrees. look at the overnight low, 24. when you're on the bus stop,
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temperatures will be in the low 20s, a cold start and cold finish, 38 is the high. wednesday, milder, 46 degrees, although mother nature said it will feel like winter it is only two days we are below average. certainly a big change from december. you got that right. 5:11. still ahead the historic sight a florida family witnessed on a christmas crews. tam it is wet, but not as foggy as yesterday in bristol township bucks county. the traffic on i-95 near 41:00 heading southbound is moving just fine. heading to chester talk about some of the things that happened on the roads there in 2015 and a crash in montgomery county after the break. >> the popular music festival lands a huge rock and roll reunion later in the morning
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buzz. >>
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>> welcome back you're taking a live look here out across philadelphia international airport. it is 5:14 out there, a little damp out there on the road wades on the tarmac, but karen said we're in for sun today, 49 degrees, 50 is the high. >> in 15 seconds, matt, the chafen islands will celebrate new year's 2015.
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>> reporter: i hope they have a happy new year in the chafen islands. today is a day to take stock and be reflective. we're doing our yearend review in the best of your recollection in exton they widened route 100 and expanded which is a good thing. there's no construction by sunrise boulevard, no sunshine yet, either. it's damp, but there's no fog. so that's a good thing. elsewhere on the roads in chester county. 2015 was the year of bridge work where we had the route 23 bridge in phoenixville shut down. what a mess that was. that reopened on october 6. much better news for the people in phoenixville. knots covered bridge scheduled to remain closed, no issues along 422 just off it on lynn field trap road at louis road by the wawa watch out for a crash.
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we expect a burlington bristol bridge opening now, head to the turnpike connector bridge. there will be construction from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at union mill road at bridge road use 38 or hartford road as the alternates. watch out for a pothole 295 south wilmington man as you head toward the delaware memorial bridge. no problems to report this morning. >> a florida man said his family vacation on a cruise ship took a horrible turn. they boarded the trip on christmas day, they said the trip was going well, but they witnessed what appeared to be blood pouring out of the top of the elevator. they caught a the scary ordeal on camera but we have chosen not to show you the video.
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an electrician died on the ship and it is uninvestigation. the sixers are celebrating their second win in three games. they beat the sacramento kings 110 to 105. okafor was back in the game after missing the past two with a knee injury. the sixers face the lakers tomorrow. eagles interim coach pat shermer will host a press conference today. chip kelly was fired. lane johnson was the first draft pick, he said the man who brought him on was considered unapproachable by many players. >> hard guy to approach. people didn't feel like they were comfortable doing that. >> i don't know what his relationship was with other people, but i had a great relationship with chip. >> the eagles face new york giants for the season finale on
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sunday. >> 5:18. u.s. justice department launched a criminal investigation into the listeriaontamination into bluebell ice cream.
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>> christmas has come and gone, it wasn't santa that had to be pulled from a chimney. it was a 1-year-old boy. he was playing on the roof of the apartment complex when he fell into the chimney. crews lord the rope to him which he wrapped around his arms and d theyed pulled him out. he was not hurt. >> reporter: time for a public service announcement. if you're heading out this evening, and driving along i-95 passing penns landing, the fireworks start going off, please, please, think of matt pellman and think of how i'm pleading with you to keep your eyes on the road and not watch
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the fireworks. don't stop on one of the lanes on the road. people like to do that, watching the fireworks while stopped in the middle roadway. regional rails have extra late night service to get you home. >> reporter: 9:00 a.m., 48 degrees, lots of clouds, guess what, the dreary days ended. we'll have clouds and sunshine, too. noon, 50 degrees, 3:00 p.m., 49 degrees partly sunny skies, and 6:00 p.m., 47 degrees, if you have a travel we have fog north and west of the city, not philadelphia international. no flight delays mostly cloudy skies. chicago, 27 no delays. we're getting rain in atlanta. not seeing delays we'll see if that proves to be a problem later on. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high, 50 degrees, clouds give way to sunshine and then
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tomorrow for new year's day, partly sunny, 46 degrees, a chilly wind, tam. >> going on to "healthcheck," a new york company says it will offer the first certified kosher medical marijuana. they said the nonsmokable medical pot products conform to the jewish dietary law. they plan to open a dispensary in queens in january. >> reporter: good morning, topping america's money, a criminal investigation has been launched into the bluebell's creamery handling of the police steer i can't outbreak. >> at least three deaths were linked to contaminated ice cream. att offers two year contracts. >> at&t was the only major carrier offering two year
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contracts to defray costs and no jackpot winner in the powerball drawing. that means the jackpot grows to $334 million in saturday night's drawing, 5 tickets sold in california and pennsylvania have had five correct numbers, that's worth a million dollars apiece. >> not bad at all. >> that's america's money. have a great day. right when you feel a cold sore,
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the big board, philadelphia native and rapper meek mill was on hand to honor the northwest raiders who won their second back-to-back pop warner super bowl chip, 34-19. he has had several probations hearings over probation violation he said he is reforming. cam newton is the father of a baby boy. rumors began swirling when during sunday night's game, newton celebrated a touchdown against the falcons by making a rock the baby motion. billboard is reporting that original members of guns and roses are getting back together
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for one show and maybe more. the band is which he scheduled o headline the coachella musikfest festival in april. slash will be in the lineup. the band is also negotiating with promoters to put on a summer tour throughout north america. get your axle rose imitation ready, tam. >> you know what, matt, if you have axle rose and slash that's all that matters, that place will be huge. it is 5:27. coming up midair scare, a burst of turbulence on a toronto-bound flight was a frightening scene we'll give you the details. >> a deadly night in a philadelphia neighborhood. more details and stories when "action news" comes right back. g
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man is gunned down on his bike half block away from home. >> montgomery county files the
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first criminal charges against bill cosby since dozens of women accused him of assault. legal experts weigh in. >> time for ring in the new year, accuweather has the fireworks forecast. >> happy new year's eve, thursday, december 31. karen rogers is here david murphy is off along with a major party animal, matt pellman. >> reporter: at least that true. 49 in allentown, 51 in millville. 51 in sea isle city. we have a touch of fog today, it was dense a couple of hours ago. right now we're seeing 7 miles in trenton. 6 in allentown. 2.5 in reading, a touch of fog in lancaster. officially four miles. no problem at philadelphia international all morning. no problems flying out. satellite and radar showing lots of early clouds, we'll see breaks in the clouds and sunshine


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